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Unidad 1Los Deportes
Saber v Conocer
Comparison/Superlative Online Practice
Comparisons PowerPoint
Conocer v.Saber
Listening Assessment: Unidad 1: Los Deportes
Diario de Diana Reading assessment
Documentos Importantes
SYA student Example
Listening Practice
Saber v. Conocer
Stem change formative Assessment
Parts of Speech Google Form Tuesday 9/12 or 9/13
Gol -- A Personal Perspective
SYA -- Los Mejores Candidatos
Monday, November 14th
Friday, November 4th (A period)
Friday, November 4th (C period AROY)
Wednesday, September 28th A BLOCK
Wednesday, September 28th C BLOCK
Unidad 3.2 Los Deportes